I'm With The Band

Friday, February 18, 2011

Say what?

Once again I've let this blog go silent for a long time. I think it's because I have nothing to say that hasn't been said in previous posts. Cranky husband. Three kids. Very tired. Those last pregnancy pounds still there. I honestly can't think of anything to say.

Part of my job involves keeping up with "mommy" blogs and there are so few that really interest me. If I don't want to read about other kids pooping in their pants, why would I expect anyone to enjoy reading about my own kids doing it?

Maybe my life will become less like the movie Groundhog Day and more interesting at some point. After each of my kids was born I kept hearing, "Things will change"; "It will get easier"; etc. etc. Things did change, things got easier, and then - stop the madness! - I kept having more kids. And they kept turning out to be boys. So the "it will get easier" part is still in my future. Years in my future. For one thing, Cranky Jr. #3 has still not figured out how to alert us that he needs to use the toilet.

So in case anyone was concerned, I'm alive - and if I can think of anything worthwhile to say, I'll let you know.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chipmunks part trois

I mentioned a while back that the chipmunks have returned. The bricks on the patio and walkway have come unearthed. Holes keep appearing in the dirt. Cranky keeps fixing things and the next morning this work has been undone.

What to do? He's tried every kind of ammo known to man, apart from dropping a nuclear bomb on our property. Actually, considering how we feel about our surroundings right now that might not be such a bad idea.

As upset as Cranky is, he is mercifully not as crazed as he was last year. He just ordered more glue traps but he's not running wild-eyed around the property looking for more places to put them. We have almost become resigned to seeing another member of the chipmunk family = and clearly there are MANY of them - popping up.

We have other things to worry about - Cranky Jr. #1's so far unpleasant experience at grade school, Cranky Jr. #2's thuggery...and our little mountain climber Cranky Jr. #3 falling off of something. We have distractions like breaking up a fight between Jr.s #1 and #2 riding in the cart during family outing to Costco yesterday, thinking Jr. #2 is totally toilet-trained and then getting a nasty surprise...the list goes on.

So while we're not totally at the "live and let live" stage we at least are managing to co-exist with the chipmunks without driving ourselves nuts. We've got kids for that.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am married to probably the greatest husband ever. That said, Cranky has annoying quirks, just like anyone.

A typical sample:

Cranky comes home early from work and plops himself down in front of his computer and turns on the TV. The kids are playing with me in Cranky Jr. #1's room. The phone rings. It is our babysitter calling for me. I head to our room to pick it up. As I begin speaking the kids start screaming. Cranky looks at me and points in their direction - meaning I should go deal with it while I'm on the phone and he is just sitting there. After I hang up I express my annoyance. His response?

"Well, I'm not supposed to be home right now."

Monday, August 10, 2009

We're doomed

Some people might ask why we can't go on long trips at this particular juncture. No, we haven't taken a vacation in a long time. Yes, we are tired and stressed out and yes, we deserve one.

However, let me recap the events of yesterday, and you be the judge:

We pack up the kiddies in the van and head to a mall to look at desks for Jr.

As we pull into the parking lot we hear a suspiciously explosive sound from the back.

I remove Jr. #2 from the car and clean up gallons of diarrhea from his legs, shoes and bottom. I throw wipes and destroyed underwear in a plastic bag to throw away. I throw soiled yet potentially salvageable shorts in the trunk.

I have no extra shorts but his shirt covers his clean underwear. We get to the mall and I run into a kids' clothing store and buy a pair of shorts.

We put them on him in the store and head to Pottery Barn Kids to look at desks. After we discover none of them are the right size I think I smell something. I see a woman looking at me in disgust. I look down and notice Jr #2s new shorts have a watery brown stain heading south. I drag him to the store bathroom and try to clean him. I run out of wipes and start using paper towels. I have one extra plastic bag in which I put the new dirty shorts. I realize I have no new underwear, pull-ups or diapers, just Jr. #3's size 3 diapers. I put one on him, hanging together by a thread and pray they stay on until we get home.

We leave the store in shirt and precarious diaper and head to the parking lot. Jr. #2 spies a play area and takes off. We chase him around and around. I am terrified the diaper will fall off. We finally make it to the car.

There is a chance Cranky is going to win a company-paid trip next year. He may have to go alone.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Don't U Forget About Me

So John Hughes has passed away - director of all those 80s movies my best pal Becky and I went to see, and soundtrack to my teenage life. He directed my then-future now ex-boyfriend Ray Gun Geek #1 from "Pretty In Pink" (or was he Ray Gun Geek #2?).

Becky and I enjoyed those movies but absolutely could not relate to anything his characters did. We were the kind of kids every parent of a teenage daughter hopes to have. Our big idea of a Saturday night was to order a pizza and watch TV. We never got into trouble, never even experimented with anything other than an entire pan of brownies. But we had lots of fun watching the movies.

RIP John Hughes.

Today's Playlist In Memoriam:

"Don't You Forget About Me" - Simple Minds
"Pretty In Pink" - Psychedelic Furs
"Old Time Rock and Roll" - Bob Seger

Friday, June 05, 2009

Oh so funny

A frequent comment I hear upon meeting people who know my husband: "Oh, he's so funny! You must laugh all the time at home!" Yes, it's a laugh a minute here in the Cranky household. I was approached yesterday about working with a band whose title refers to dirty socks. Will I have time? Cranky's comment: "You can't even handle the dirty socks at home!"

This may actually be true but irritating nonetheless.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Here I go again

I can't believe i haven't written anything here in two years! Actually, yes I can. Cranky started a new career, we remodeled the house, Baby #3 made his unexpected yet wonderful entry into the world....too much going on even to write bits and pieces here and there.

But I've become inspired by stumbling across a colleague's delightful blog - after one read I decided to jump back on the bandwagon so to speak - hahahaaaa!

She's wondering, after leaving a record label job a few months ago, whether she can make her rock and roll dreams come true. I'm wondering, after leaving a rock and roll job over ten years ago (!) whether I can too. Her new client and my potential new client are one and the same. Let's hope it works out for the both of us!!

So maybe I'll start writing about it. Stay tuned....